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Common questions (FAQ )

Common questions (FAQ )

1/ Where are your showrooms?

Our showroom is located in the city of Riyadh - the markets of Dar Al-Wakalat - King Fahd District - in the name of (Furniture Leaders Factory Exhibition) You can go through the link below

2/ Can you try your products?

Yes, we have in Riyadh branch only samples for pre-purchase trial for the majority of products.

3 / I am outside Riyadh, can I order and try the product, and if I like it, I can return it?

All the images on the site are real with high quality, and the products are shipped to the customer from the factory as it is in the product image after checking and ensuring their quality through the quality department. For any information, do not hesitate to contact us through direct correspondence through the website during the official working hours of the company, so we apologize for returning any product that was installed and used as described in the return policy.

4/ Do your products have a warranty?

Yes, the warranty is for a period of 6 months on the hydraulic piston for lifting and lowering the chair only, and the warranty does not include any other parts as all products are checked by the quality department before shipment and to ensure their proper functioning.

5/ Do you send an employee to install the product?

All chair products are shipped including installation inside the carton, but the upper chair part is separated from the base and the stem, and the customer must put it on top of each other only without using any screws or screwdrivers, in a process that does not take more than 30 seconds, according to the video in the link below. In some products, the chair head is separated to protect it from damage during the shipping process.

6/ Do the chairs go up and down?

All swivel chairs are naturally capable of being raised and lowered by means of a hydraulic piston.

7/ What is the difference between the standard machine and the aluminum machine for (X) class chairs?

Standard machine: It is a standard mechanism used for the majority of office chairs and chairs. It has the capacity to bear the user's weight up to 120 kg. It contains one hand to control the height and fall of the chair, in addition to the special safety opening for tilting the seat without the installation process.

Aluminum machine: It is a machine that is larger in size, molded from aluminum, and has a bearing capacity of up to 200 kg for the user’s weight. It contains two hands for controlling the first on the right side, concerned with the height and lowering of the chair, and the other on the left side, especially for the movement of opening the tilt of the seat, and it can be controlled by the stability of the inclination for several positions according to The user desires, and you can see how to use it through the link below

8/ What is the difference between category (X) and category (T) for gaming chairs?

All grades are made with high quality and thoughtful standards for correct seating comfort.

Class (X) is larger than class (T) in terms of size and weight as per the sizes shown in the product description.

9/ Which is better leather or velvet in terms of sweating and heat?

Velvet is definitely better than leather as it prevents sweating as found in leather chairs.

10/ Can the gargoyle chairs be used for long working hours?

The products are designed in the best sizes suitable for our customers and the best materials of Dunlop foam, which are soft, resilient, and non-degradable with long use. Therefore, we guarantee and trust our products. After the experiences and testimony of most customers, we can tell you that you can sit comfortably for more than 8 working hours without getting bored or tired

11/ Is it possible to lie down or tilt 180 degrees for gaming chairs and chairs?

Yes, this feature is available on models of the (X) and (T) classes.

12/ What are the best comfortable office chairs for you?

All products are comfortable and manufactured with high-quality specifications and sizes suitable for users in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but it remains to depend on the characteristics of the product in terms of design, machine, and product additions.

13/ When will the product be available?

It is not possible to predict the availability of products, and this depends on the availability of the raw materials for the product on the one hand or the availability of its production on the other hand. To request notification to reach you in case of availability, you can press (notify me when available).

14/ I asked. . When does the product arrive?

By Zajil Throw 3-5 Working Days

15/ Do I have to pay any additional amounts that are not shown in the product price?

All prices on the site include value-added tax and delivery to the customer's site, and you do not have to pay any other amounts.

16/ I added a product to the basket and when I wanted to order it was not available?

We do not guarantee the availability of production and raw materials for the product continuously.

17/ Why did the prices go up?

We are a factory and prices change on a monthly basis with rising, decrease or stability and depend on supply and demand cases, production cases, and cases of high or low prices and costs of raw materials and materials globally.

18/ What is your recovery mechanism?

The return process is after communicating with us through the email and reviewing the return policy through the following link:

19/ I used the product for a while and it started making a sound?

After using any office chair or chair product for a long time, it is necessary to tighten the screws and nuts of the product or lubricate and lubricate the moving mechanical parts.

20/ Do I need to untie the manga to move it from one place to another?

You can see the link below for the process of removing the chair or changing the hydraulic piston

21/ Do you reach Saudi Arabia?

*We are a Saudi factory for 20 years located in the city of Riyadh (Modon) and we are working to deliver products at a standard speed to all cities and governorates

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