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Leaders Chairs Specialists in the field of manufacturing (gaming chairs - Office chairs - lecture and hall chairs - Korean and international chairs) within the highest quality and best price

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and delivery policy

Processing orders on all days of the week except for Friday, Saturday, official holidays and festive holidays within 24 working hours

The value of shipping and delivery is calculated using algorithms based on the weights of the products

All online store orders are shipped to the customer from the factory directly by our approved shipping companies

We will provide the customer with tracking information about the shipment through text messages or email upon completion of the shipment process.

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 Delivery by carrier shipping to all cities and governorates of the Kingdom. Note (delivered to customer's site)

Shipping and delivery by Zajel takes 3-5 working days

Chair products are packaged and shipped, including installation inside the carton

To contact Zajil Company - Zajel Customer Service: 920000177

You can track your shipment with Al Zajel through the link below

  Shipping tracking link


Leaders Furniture Factory Company has the full right to cancel any order and refund the payments to the customer in the same method of payment in case the area address is not available in the correct form or the required product is not available.

The furniture factory company has the full right to package its products as it deems appropriate and to ensure the quality of the products reaching its customers with the best quality and the fastest time.

The customer bears all the expenses of returning the shipment (100 riyals per parcel) in the event that the shipment is not received for the reason that the city or delivery area is not indicated correctly, the address is entered, the wrong contact is entered, the product is not received, the order is canceled after the shipment process is completed, or if it is desired to The ordered product is changed after the shipment is completed and the remaining payments are refunded to the customer’s account in the appropriate manner for the company upon the company’s receipt of the returned product.

The customer shall bear all expenses of recovering or returning the shipment and bank payment commissions in the event of canceling the order and returning the shipment after the completion of the order execution process.

In the event, the order is made by Tamara and the order has been shipped, and in the event that the customer does not receive the order, the shipment will be refunded and the payments will be refunded by Tamara after deducting the shipping value and refunding the shipment at the rate of (100 riyals per parcel).

Fridays, Saturdays, official holidays, and festive holidays are not considered working days

Disclaimer for damages

The user bears the responsibility for all risks associated with his use of chair leaders products, including any risk or damage to the user as a result of misuse of the products, as the furniture leaders factory company does not have any legal responsibility towards this.

Update: 08/21/2021


علي ماجد علي

8 months ago

السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته اليوم ما ابغى الطلب اصلي بدري الحساب جاهز