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How to Replace an Office Chair Cylinder

The seats on most office chairs tend to sink after a few Month Or Years of regular use, but don’t worry, there’s no need to buy a whole new chair! Chances are, the gas cylinder in your chair is the only part that needs to be replaced. If you purchased your office chair from, you’re in luck! we have continuassly all parts and we’ll send a replacement cylinder out to you in a flash When Order. Once you’ve received the new cylinder for your chair, just follow these simple steps on how to remove the gas lift from your office chair and your chair will be back to normal in no time!

Tools You'll Need:

- One rubber mallet

- One pipe wrench or vice grip

- One new chair cylinder


1. Separate the old cylinder from the base of the chair. To do this, turn the chair on its side and gently tap the base away from the chair with your rubber mallet.

2. Tightly secure the wrench near the top of the old cylinder and twist it until it releases from the mechanism. If you don’t have access to a pipe wrench, you can remove the mechanism from the chair by unscrewing the main bolts on the bottom of the seat. Then use the rubber mallet to tap the mechanism away from the chair.

3. If you are having trouble getting the chair apart, apply some oil to the mechanism and let it sit for a few minutes before trying again. Be sure to protect surrounding surfaces and chair fabrics before doing this.

4. Now that you have removed the old chair cylinder, replace it with the new one. Simply pop the cylinder into the base of the chair and then lift them both into the mechanism.

5. Carefully set the chair into an upright position and take a seat. The part will fasten back together.

If you are having trouble getting your chair apart or back together, simply Contact