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How to fix an office chair creak

Have you ever been bothered by a creaking chair? Chairs that squeak can be a nuisance for both the person sitting on it and the others in the room. Fortunately, those noisy noises don't mean it's time to buy a new chair. If you check the squeaking chair properly, you can easily fix the problem

Lubrication of metal parts

Check nuts, bolts and bolts. The first thing to do is turn the chair over and look at its parts. Then get a screwdriver or wrench and tighten any loose parts as well as those that do not look loose. Over time, the nails could easily become loose causing some parts to loosen and cause the chair to creak

Lubricate the mounting mechanisms. Apply lubricant to all nuts, bolts, and screws to help make the joints smooth. Simply spray the oil onto a soft cotton cloth and rub the oil into problem areas to get more control wherever you apply the oil

Moisture in air and air conditioners can cause rust, so applying oil regularly helps prevent rust and its build-up

Completely remove the screws and screws before adding any lubricant. If the chair continues to squeak after adding lubricant, tighten all nails and screws, take them all out, and lubricate them with a little oil before reinstalling them

Have your friend sit on the chair while applying the oil. Have someone sit in the chair and roll it from side to side to help you define the area that is blocking the squeak. Once a weight is placed on the chair it creaks allowing you to more easily locate the source of noise for more precise application of oil. Ask your friend to roll the chair every time you put in the oil so you can see if the oil is in the right place

Attach the spring to the back of the chair. The chair can also squeak when leaning back which is caused by too much pressure as the end of the spring rubs against the end of the housing. To fix this, put oil in the seat spring on the inside of the rotary handle housing and simply make the taut seat swivel loose and remove the rotating handle to spray the oil inside the housing

Roll the chair back and forth to check the wheels. Office chairs often have wheels that move a lot, so the wheel hubs may need to be sprayed with some silicone over time. Turn the chair over and spray the wheels, then adjust it again and move the chair to spread the silicone around the entire wheel

Sit softly. A chair collapse will cause a creak at the end as the chairs go through a lot of wear, so be careful when sitting on the chair so you don't rush to make the joints loose to keep your chair silent